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Meta Dapio's solution delivers a payment gateway that not only removes transaction fees but enhances the metaverse values of equality, accessibility, and transparency
The easiest and most convenient way to pay in the metaverse
Our Solution
A simple platform, where you can choose any form of payment to pay for whatever you need. Our technology will handle everything in the background. No need to have multiple accounts for, banking, crypto exchanges and even blockchain wallets. Meta Dapio handles every type of payment across all possible worlds.
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We provide the opportunity to shop the metaverse in a convenient way
Currently, payments in the metaverse are too complicated and expensive for both merchants and customers. Buying Goods and Services in the metaverse takes more than just a credit card.

Doing all of this quickly is not an easy task, but Meta Dapio solves this problem and makes payments as simple and convenient as possible.
We have all the necessary technologies, legal permits - and an experienced and motivated team to make metaverse payments easy and convenient for you
We're a digital economy enabler, seeking to help foster meaningful connections and have a profound global impact.

Meta Dapio's team has is 15+ years of experience in the field of fintech, payment services, FX, gaming and blockchain. Our success has been built on having access to the best modern technologies and making it accessible to a wide audience, and multiple blockchain founders who have a vested interest in ensuring this product works.

A change maker - intuitive, inclusive, and innovative. Dapio utilizes data to unlock potential, a simple addition that leads to something big. A brand that embraces technology and data with people and business to effect transformational changes. Catalytic ideas that have human impact and enable meaningful connections.

Meta Dapio also takes a data-driven approach to our work.
Who We Are
Legal Regulations and Compliance
Meta Dapio is an FCA Regulated payment institution in the UK and Ireland, as well as PCI DSS Level 1 Certified. We are also currently applying for a similar license in Poland through which we will have access to the European Union Single Market.
With Meta Dapio’s backend providing API’-s, managing core data flows and a security layer, our payment gateway, acquiring and settlement service (currently operational and utilised daily by our partners) our technology stack is almost complete with just the bespoke frontend and storage to be built.
Meta Dapio Fair Banking Manifesto
Freedom and fairness are at the heart of what we do. We strive to ensure that people are treated equally and have access to fair and transparent financial services regardless of nationality, religion or gender. By removing common entry barriers, we can help drive global economic growth.
Our pipeline of clients is topped up daily with Dapio UK's rapidly growing client base, which can use our services. Banking services to be offered to current merchants will create stickiness and maximize our retention rate.
Where We Will End Up
Web 3.0 Merchant banking is the destination.

We have gone from in-store physical payments to e-commerce and are now expanding to the metaverse.

We strive to become an all-encompassing provider of banking services. Through a comprehensive banking license we will be able to establish ourselves as a one-stop shop for B2B and B2C payments whether they happen in-store, online, or in the metaverse.

Once we have this, we will be providing clients with accounts with instantaneous settlement, at low cost, unlike many providers out there.

All kind of payments across all possible worlds.
We Are A digial egonomy Enabler
Chief executive officer
Sam Vanderpump
Samuel has founded two Fiat Foreign Exchange Companies and was Head of Sales at a third. He has partnered with publicly listed companies, such as Equals Group, Currency Cloud, and has worked closely with some of the best FinTech companies on the market. Sam's experience in currency exchange and supporting businesses develop into multi-billion pound organizations, makes him ideal to drive this business forward.
Chief operating officer
Stuart Gallacher
Stuart has worked with a range of market leaders in different industries including the BBC, BP, FCA, Gravity Sport, and most recently Paymob UK. His work at the FCA will be particularly helpful in navigating the organization through the world of regulation. Stuart's achievements include delivering a £30.2m accommodation project under budget, recruitment of a 150-strong team for the 2012 London Olympic Games, and launching The National Operational Guidance Programme for the London Fire brigade.
Chief strategy officer
Rishan Bhagowat
Rishan is the founder and chairman of the board for Digilytic International FZE, as well as Sublime and Ryde. He is subsequently one of the global pioneers in the world of Fintech. His expertise focusses on blockchain and digital assets. Rishan is a leader and entrepreneur. He has started, scaled and exited several successful multinational businesses since completing his studies and board exams in Actuarial Science. But his passion lies in connecting life-changing technology with capital with the aim of bringing the greatest happiness to the greatest number.
Chief business development officer
Ilya Etko
Our CBDO Ilya Etko was a Partner at Corviglia Capital Fund ($250M+, fintech VC fund, -Lux- based). Partner at Deloitte (Digital and Innovation) and has more than 15 years of experience in the financial services industry working for major banks. Over the last decade - he worked with dozens of startups and corporations helping them to scale up their business and grow internationally. His experience will enable Meta Dapio to build comprehensive strategies for entering multiple geographies and customer segments, as well as build effective global partnerships with key metaverse ecosystems players.
Chief technology officer
Marcin Kepa
Marcin Kçpa is our CTO. Marcin has extensive experience in transforming product vision into working software. This experience consists of being a Senior Software Engineer and Product Owner at Lufthansa Systems from 2019 to 2021 and more recently at Dynatrace from 2021 to 2022. Marcin has also experience with Research and Development, working at Gdansk University of Technology from 2015 to 2016, during which time he has co-authored several publications in the field of computer science. Marcin's ten years of computer science background and experience as a Product Owner make him the perfect fit to set the technical direction for our
product development.
Meta Dapio endeavors to revolutionize the metaverse payment system. It understands the current obstacles both merchants and customers face in trying to operate in this landscape. It recognises that for a payment system to become truly accessible, simplicity is key and transparency is vital.

In the world of Fiat currencies, the last two decades have been defined by start ups that have transformed the currency exchange space. Removing the need for expensive middlemen, unnecessary fees and laborious processes. We plan to do the same thing in the metaverse.

The metaverse is at an early stage. But we see its growth potential as being akin to Facebook in the early 2000s. Its social impact will be as profound and unavoidable as social media is today. With our experience in currency exchange, FinTech and Web 3.0, we are well placed to establish ourselves as the default provider of payment services moments before the rest of the world enters the metaverse.

Come join us.
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Paymob Technology Ltd, trading as Dapio registered in England and Wales at 71-75 Shelton Street, Covent Garden, London, WC2H 9JQ. Company registration number 11965837. Dapio is registered with the FCA as a Small Payments Institution under Reference number: 917808. You may be able to complain about this firm to the Financial Ombudsman Service at